May 2009

Dipping my toes in the Atlantic.

Me at Praia do Pinhão, Lagos.

This month I dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time since last August. And last Friday I dipped more than a toe – I went for a swim which lasted about three minutes, until the cold got to me and I made a swift exit. But hungry for more, I soon went back in with four friends, and we swam around some of the cliffs in Lagos, Portugal. The water was deep and the rocks were rough, and the currents pulled and tugged at my tired arms after an alarmingly short period of time. But the view from the water was beautiful, especially looking along the rugged, ancient coastline as the sun illuminated everything with a saturated, golden-honey light.

When I clambered back onto the beach at the end of it, I felt amazing.



Life has been a bit crazy during this last month. There has been good food. There has been drama. There have been nights of no sleeping, just talking and joking with the people that make life great out here. And there has been music – so much new music to enjoy – that I feel like I’m going through my own musical awakening, or renaissance. New sounds every day, new tunes to send shivers down the spine – it’s like listening to music for the first time again.

Truly experiencing music is, for me, a question of sharing your materials with other people and letting them show you what they know. That could apply to a lot of things in life, but on a pragmatic note, when it comes to music it’s about giving my laptop to my friends and letting them search YouTube, La Blogotheque,, and other sites for all the sounds that I’ve been missing out on.

In this way I’ve discovered that there are eloquent, passionate people out there, connected to me by signals transmitted through a few electronic circuits, the sky and space. People who innovate music, who bring it to life and revolutionise it in a completely new way – a way that’s in keeping with the technological world, while retaining something older, something time-tested and valuable as well.


A quick post before I haul myself off to bed – I really haven’t had enough sleep this weekend but I really want to get this blog up and running before I go anywhere else.

I fully intended to start the show with a big bang in the shape of a full-on, serious-face post about the music I’ve been listening to lately. But thinking about it, that might not be the best way to introduce myself. For one thing, I’ve already written the post in question and it is mighty in length! I’ll save that for tomorrow, perhaps, although it still needs some editing. And for another thing, it might be nice to say hello first before going in, all guns blazing, to the blogosphere.

For now we’ll go with this. A little about me: I’m 24 years old, residing and teaching English in Seville, Spain, and I consider myself a writer by vocation. Lately though I haven’t been writing nearly enough, so I want this blog to be an outlet of sorts for everything which I should say, or write, but quite often don’t. I may vaguely attempt to streamline it so that each entry fits a clear and consistent theme, but quite honestly I can’t think of much which could link my jumble of thoughts together except that, well, I live in Spain, so I’m seeing life from a very different perspective at the moment than my English upbringing. I guess I’m traveling abroad at the moment, so maybe this could be a travel blog – although since I have an apartment and a job in Seville, that category doesn’t quite fit me yet. But who knows, maybe the road will open up again and life will take me somewhere else entirely.

That’s enough of an introduction, I think. Anything more and I might start shuffling my feet and laughing nervously. I’ll write more tomorrow – mammoth pretentious music post for the win! 😀

Night all.