September Sunset

There should be more cloudscapes like this one, I think …

I took this picture a few weeks ago. It’s the view from my back window – well, specifically, I glimpsed it from my back window and then legged it outside to take as many pictures as I could before the view changed too much.

That’s the moon rising through the clouds, not the sun setting. At first I wrote this without thinking, calling the view a ‘sunset’. But of course, it isn’t. It’s the setting sun illuminating the clouds in the east.

My dad took his camera outside too, but spent so long playing around with the exposure and flash settings that he didn’t win on the overall quality-picture count. I felt a little proud of myself (or, dare I say it, smug), since I have an aesthetically pleasing but fairly basic-by-digital-camera-standards point ‘n’ click job.

Anyway, I’m going to let this photo speak for itself. To whoever may be out there reading this: enjoy your sunsets and your beautiful views. Don’t be ashamed of staring dreamily at the scenery outside, or the clouds, or the way the sun shines through the trees.

A sense of wonder at nature is a good thing. My inner child is kept alive by views like the one above.

And if you gaze at the scenery for long enough, you might be inspired to create something, too. 🙂