days of roses and wine
drifting astray”

~ from Bonfires, by Blue Foundation

I like the idea of drifting through words and writing, drifting astray to wherever those words may lead me.

But the reality is that drifting is a very dangerous idea. It can take you places you never intended to go, and implies a ‘go with the flow’ attitude that I don’t subscribe to.

You have to swim, sometimes.

Nevertheless, those lyrics up there do say something about me; certainly about where and how this blog began – in Spain, in Sevilla, where I was a drifter in a vibrant city – and about my mind, which tends to wander into daydreams without a second’s hesitation.

I work hard at my job, but when I write, my mind drifts into dreaming and thinking and exploring words that I have written, words that I have read, and words that have yet to form themselves on my tongue: words that are unborn, still only the seeds of ideas.

About me: I am Rosanna or Miss Rosie, or just Rosie. I live in Somerset. I love it here. I write.


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